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WALL COIN A Digital Currency


Wall Coin Crypto Currency

Wall Street Decentral Crypto Exchange

Wall Street Decentral Crypto Currencies & Tokens

Wall Street Decentral have created a fully functioning crypto currency coin that we have built on our own blockchain called (WSD) coin as well as creating an ERC20 Token (WALL) on the Ethereum network, we have used different ticker names for our MainNet coins & Tokens to allow our systems to be user friendly and to avoid confusing the different blockchain technologies.

Wall Street Decentral Tokens & Coins Are Digital Asset Crypto currencies.

Wall Street Decentral Token is an ERC20 blockchain-based asset Peer to Peer payment system ready for the new global digital revolution which will replace traditional banking. Imagine a world where payments from your suppliers, customers, work and friends are instantaneous at the moment payment is made, no need to wait for your bank to authorise the payment, replacing the need for cash, debit cards and bank payments, a system where your in total control of your own money.

Wall Street Decentral Asset Value

Wall Street Decentral Tokens & Mainet Coins are innovative crypto currencies using digital tokens and coins on decentralised blockchain technology. Wall Street Decentral is like owning a gold coin which has a finite supply like gold Wall Street Decentral will always have real intrinsic value. Wall Street Decentral is similar to gold as we have only issued 66,000,000,000 coins so that our crypto currency has real intrinsic value, no more coins can ever be minted, making our payment system a sort after asset.

Wall Coin Store Front Payment Systems

Wall Coin Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Terminal Solutions.

Our tokens and coins will eventually form the backbone of our core network, allowing a totally decentralised payment system eliminating the need for interaction to a bank account. We will be rolling out our mobile terminals running on 4G/5G that will become common place in store fronts as well as offering mobile store front solutions for tradesman, and mobile workers, linked to our digital terminal pass cards and app.

FIAT Currency Transfers

When our payments system is rolled out, we will also enable a FIAT transfer system that will link directly to a debit card allowing you to spend FIAT currencies in traditional places that have not adapted and moved over to the new digital revolution of the blockchain.

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